Join us at the upcoming ‘East Texas Fruit and Vegetable Conference’



East Texas Fruit and Vegetable Conference

what a great turn out!

103 farmers, gardeners, volunteers, Kilgore College students, specialists from Texas A&M and SFA, Texas Department of Agriculture rep, USDA rep, and company reps (Certis, Bayer, and Wildroot Organics) made this program a successful one.

hope to see more attendance next year. this program was organized by a group of enthusiastic county extension agents serving east Texas. what a team!

Total economic benefit as calculated from the evaluation form was $155,390.

Here’s some photos taken during the conference.

Understand your water test better

When you get a water test done, you will see results as TDS (total dissolvable solids in ppm) or EC (electrical conductivity in mmhos/cm).

TDS and EC are related as: 1 EC = 640 TDS

For vegetable production, water quality is important. Values of TDS or EC can determine whether the available water is suitable for irrigation or not. The following table is useful when interpreting a water test for its suitability for irrigation

Water Quality TDS (ppm) EC (mmhos/cm)
Excellent 175 0.27
Good 175-525 0.27-0.82
Permissible 525-1400 0.82-2.2
Doubtful 1400-2100 2.2-3.2
Unsuitable >2100 >3.2

We like to see EC values of <1.60 as a cutoff point for irrigation water.

Cucumber, celery, spinach, tomato are more salt tolerant than onion. Beet is very salt tolerant

I have moved to Overton Research and Extension Center

As of September 1, 2015, I am now located at the Overton Research and Extension Center serving northeast Texas small-acreage vegetable producers (organic, conventional, homeowners, and beginning farmers).

KETK news in Tyler, TX interviewed me and mentioned my new role on their nighthly news.

Follow this link if you like to see the news clip

Whiteflies infestation in tomato

White flies can become a serious problem, if left unchecked, or if the wrong insecticide is used.

In this case, the grower was using Sevin, normally a good insecticide, but the infestation was getting worse.

I looked up the efficiency of various insecticides on white flies on tomatoes. Sevin and Asana are NOT effective on white flies. He might as well have sprayed water on them.

Admire (as a soil drench), Assail, Platinum, Venom are effective. Not one insecticide is very effective. So multiple sprays are needed, usually every 7-10 days. Refer to the label for exact details. Remember, the label is the LAW.

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